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Children’s Book Illustrations Portfolio

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We offer more than 15 different illustration styles to the authors and they can choose any particular style from the portfolio. All these styles are  unique and your story will be illustrated in a style which you choose. Children’s books are more about colorful pictures with vivid expressions and we have an expertise in this field. Currently, we are illustrating for authors from all across the world and we are the preferred children book illustrations agency for all children’s books. We also have a  Catalogue which  includes more illustration styles. If you want a suggestion regarding the selection of an illustration style for your book, feel free to contact us.

If there is any other illustration style which you have in your mind, then feel free to show it to us and we will ask one of the children book illustrators to match your desired illustration style. Please understand that, due to copyright infringement, we cannot show a lot of published or unpublished artwork created by us.

At child book illustrations, we give you an option to choose from a variety of illustration styles, which have been created by our children book illustrators. If you have written a book and want to get the book illustrated, then you may choose one of these children book illustration styles or share your preferred style (from some other source) with us. We will be glad to connect you with one of our children book illustrators who can be the best match for your book. Also, if you are not able to choose any particular style then go to the “Contact ” section of our website and E-mail us with the subject of the E-mail as “please suggest style”. You may also send one of the scenes from your children book so that our team can visualize the story and suggest you with the best illustration style. Choosing the right style of illustrations is very important because if you choose a wrong children book illustrator (who may be very good in a particular style but not good enough for your Children book), then the final product may not be as beautiful. So, please make sure that you choose the  right style and feel free to contact us with any question.

We are providing 15 different illustration styles to the authors for a better selection.  Once you choose a style, inform the same to us and we will let you know if the illustrator of that style is available or not. It is important to share your chosen children book illustration style / styles with us at least one week in advance because our illustrations are extremely low priced and thus we are always flooded with other projects in every style. Once we give you an children book illustrator (for a particular style) then he/she will work only on your project so that we are able to finish your project within your deadline.

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