Book Design

Once the illustrations of a children’s book is complete the next step is the designing of the book. The book designing is equally important as the illustrations primarily because it is the whole set up of the book which will be seen by the readers after the book is printed. The book design includes the selection of the size of the text, the font, the margins, the illustration layout, adding the essential pages like the Title page, Author’s page, Copyright page and the Cover design. When all the essential components are done, the designer usually send a PDF, which is for the proof reading by the Author.

The inside pages can have various elements like the border on the boundary and also spot illustrations can be used for making the pages look more beautiful. It is up to the illustrator/designer because if he is creative, it can bring a lot of beauty to the design of the book. Once the design is approved, the book is ready for printing given that the ISBN has been placed barcode has been put. It can be printed and the marketing can be started or else it can also be self published on websites like the and Barnes and Noble.

Choosing a good designer / illustrator who can do the book designing is very essential for the book because a well designed book is really liked by the readers. The inside of the book can be fully colored or black and white, usually the inside of children book is fully colored. One must also keep in mind that keeping the inside of illustration as fully colored will also increase the print price. The designing elements must be selected keeping in mind the printing part also.

One more important thing is deciding between the paperback and hard cover, the determining factor here is also the print price. The Print pricing for hard cover is more than that of the paperback and if one is looking to keep the budget on the lower side, it is recommended to go for a paperback. The quality for paperback and hard cover is almost same except that one has a hard cover and the other one has a soft cover. It is entirely a personal decision of an Author to choose any of them.

It is important to carefully examine the final PDF before sending it for printing because if there is any mistake like the spelling mistake or any designing fault. Once the print order is sent, it is impossible to make any changes and it might cause some losses because you are not going to sell a book with some fault. It’s always better to spend time while examining the final PDF before sending for print.