why choose us for book promotion


Facebook has become a powerful social tool for the authors to promote and sell books. It has been proven as a smarter and effective online platform that provides maximum visibility to its audience. We have created a Facebook page for your book that has grabbed the eyeballs of masses. Activities like - posting about the books and interests, sharing websites and related blogs, sprucing up with best images, and holding contests are doing wonders. Many readers, authors, and writers have liked your page and the numbers are still counting. Facebook ad campaigns are also in our plans that will help to reach specific demographics and increase sales.

Readers Favorite

Reader’s Favorite, the site dedicated to authors, is well known for rendering quality reviews to the authors’ books and hosting a respected annual book award contest. Here, an excellent rating and awards recompense authors with credibility and mark influences on book-sellers and book-readers. They also serve other authors- related services like editing, proofreading, and critique, which can be availed on a paid subscription. We have subscribed to its new free membership to have great ratings & reviews for the book and also to enter the book in the annual book award contest. Ratings, Reviews, Readers, and Reward – That’s all an author needs are available here.

Books Go Social Daily

BooksGoSocial.com, the marketing and promotional website of BooksGoSocial Daily, help the authors to raise the book’s ranking and sales on Amazon through their services. Authors can avail them either through acquiring paid membership or winning them as BooksGoSocial Best Book Prize. The winner is the one from the shortlisted books, which receives maximum votes. BooksGoSocial.com is able to augment the sales of its authors’ books because of its huge reader base that is connected to them through Facebook, E-mail Lists, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. Talking about your book, we have already subscribed to its free membership, where it has been shortlisted and getting votes for the prize.

Book Daily

BookDaily site enlists the emerging authors’ book titles as per their genre and provides them to have direct exposure with the readers through featuring their book’s sample chapters. Signing up with BookDaily’s account, an author can furnish online promotional activities like posting sample chapter for reviews, sharing links of author’s website/blog for SEO, upload video about the book, receiving digital marketing newsletters and using marketing widgets, etc. Readers have access to thousands of books to purchase and review them. We have successfully taken the subscription of author’s account and hope it turns out to be one of the best websites to promote the book.

Good Reads

Goodreads works on social cataloging that provides readers and book recommendations to the authors. It has proven to be a great place for book lovers where they can create “bookshelves” to organize their reading patterns and sharing them with friends. Moreover, the communities, groups and their discussions about the books create a swarm of recommendations. So, the authors can have huge ratings and reviews. Your book has gained reviews and ratings too and we are in a constant process to grab more reviews for your book so as to cater to its sales and build its credibility.


Twitter called as a social instant messaging system is one of the popular methods to promote the books by making them “Discoverable” to the potential audience. Time, Patience and Quality Tweet Activities can drive hundreds of followers to know and buy the book. Your book on twitter account has got a great rise in its followers. Through the activities on Twitter like- Posting about books and related interests, using hashtags, interacting with other authors and re-tweeting others posts, we are trying to make your book reach the maximum twitter accounts. Within a week, it has 44 followers and it is following 191. Hence, the popularity graph is on the rise and would continue to do so.

Introduction about book marketing

It’s very important to connect with readers online and the best way to market your book is doing online promotion. You can run campaigns on Facebook where you can target communities of Authors, kids, other target audiences.

Our book marketing services can bring great results, given that there is a balance between online promotion and offline promotion. The Author must use all the available contacts so that not just online but an offline campaign can be run very effectively and efficiently.

The advantage of our book promotion services on Facebook and other social media platforms is that almost everyone is available there and spreading any information is very easy. One piece of information can spread very quickly and already various communities are available and you can target your marketing into these pockets where you know that there are higher chances of getting success.

Having an Author’s website is like icing on the cake. When you reach so many people online, there has to be a common place where your fans and readers can come an read more about the book and the Author. Also, make sure that there is a link from where the readers can buy the book directly.

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