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We are stating the list of published books, these are some of the latest books which have been designed/published by childbook illustrations. The list is very long but we are showing some of the titles which have been recently published.


Book Title : The adventures of captain auntie:

Author Review :Thank you for the wonderful work and you really made myself publishing journey easy. The illustrations and book layout with cover design was really excellent. I highly recommend childbook illustrations to authors who are looking for affordable and excellent services.
Author Marija Roberson

Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design & Book Design.

Author Name :Marija Roberson


Book Title : KENNY’S Day at the Dentist:

Author Review :My experience with Childbookillustrations has been nothing but amazing! The illustrator captured my vision in every ink stroke. Very professional creative company. I highly recommend using them.
Author Sherri Grimes

Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design.

Author Name :Sherri Grimes


Book Title : Eco-Leena Goes to Washington:

Author Review :Goes to Washington” is my first children’s book so I was extremely concerned with the numerous illustrations, particularly since I did research and couldn’t find artwork that I found exciting. I finally located Child Book Illustrations and decided to go with the company based on my research and reasonable costs for their services.

I was treated so well that I began to think I was a member of a larger family of illustrators, publishing and IT people who cared deeply about their customers and the final product, one that we could all be proud of. I made some significant changes and they were done without causing me additional grief. I am so happy with the customer service and end product that I am already starting on the second book in my series. My best regards goes to Child Book Illustrations and Sean for his patience and good will. You cannot go wrong using Child Book for your own publishing needs.
Services Used- Illustrations, cover design & book layout, Hardcover publishing& E book publishing.

Author Name :Susan Morris-Carter


Book Title:Fantastic Stories

Author Review :I was very happy with the illustrations from Childbook. They were able to do the modifications to the images when I communicated the changes via e-mail. — Vivek Om Matam, Author.

Author Name : Vivek Om Matam


Book Title :The Gnomes in the Trees

Author Review :I recently published my first children’s picture book, The Gnomes in the Trees. I had Googled childrens-book illustrators to find a talented illustrator whose artwork was suited to my requirements. The first site I came across was Childbook Illustrations and on the first page was a sample illustration by Richa Kinra. I focused for only a second on one example and called to my wife and said “I have found the artist I want!”.

I contacted the company and connected with Richa and she and I agreed on terms and the work began. I was reluctant at first because I thought there could be a language and communication issue but there wasn’t. The book has received incredible reviews and everyone of them indicates the incredible artwork. I am so impressed and happy that I will be using the company for the sequel books (5 more) for the series. You may see samples of her work on my website, http://www.inspirion2.com.

Thanks so much Childbook Illustrations and Richa Kinra in particular.

Author Name :John lofquist


Book Title :I Miss My Dad by Tiffany a Johnson

Author Review :I was very impressed with the work childbookillustrations delivered. They were fast, and the illustrations were very detailed, everything I imagined and more. I will definitely hire this company to produce illustrations for me in the future.

Thanks so much!

Author Name :Tiffany


Book Title : Believe in ABC’s and Ice Cream Dreams:

Author Review :Working with Childbook illustrations was a great experience. They understand the authors mindset, they are easy to work with and they deliver very high quality illustrations. Whenever i asked for a revision, it was done without any hassles. All in all, a very affordable and reliable agency.

Author Name :  Teresa L Stephens


Book Title : A butterfly day:

Author Review :I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the quality of illustrations were. Child book Illustrations were on top of every specification that I had requested from them, in adjusting the rough sketches EXACTLY to what I wanted- it was superb service. I had excellent service all the way from the beginning to the end. My experience working with them was first rate. I am very pleased with their service and outstanding professionalism on my project. Carmen Scanlan, Author

Author Name :  Carmen Scanlan-Toti


Book Title : Diversity Matters:

Author Review :The quality of the Illustrations that were provided were absolutely excellent, the process was easy and the final product of the book superior. I am so thankful for all your assistance in getting this book developed, published and printed.

Author Name :  Jennifer Leigh Davis(nicole)


Book Title : Miss Rosis’s Day Off:

Book Title : The Cow Who Gave Brown Milk :

Author Review :Childbook Illustrations launched my first two books by providing illustrations with two different styles of illustrations. I think this is an advantage they offer with many available styles to choose from. I have several more books ready for illustrations and Childbook Illustrations offers the styles I need for each book. The illustrators were very responsive to artistic edits and concepts.
Dr. Steve Gocke, Executive Vice President, Operations
Learn4Life Charter Concept
Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, Editing, hardcover Publishong, e-book Publishing, Website, Marketing, ISBK & Barcode.

Author Name :  Dr. Steve Gocke


Book Title : How The Little Rabbit Learned To Hop :

Author Review :How The Little Rabbit Learned To Hop was my first children’s book. I have been very pleased with the work done by Childbook Illustrations. Sketches and color artwork was done in a timely and efficient manner. Richa did the illustrations and coordinated the expressions of Rosy all the characters she encountered along her journey with the text in such a splendid manner. Package #3 offered me the design features that I was looking for, plus the additional eBook and authors website. I would recommend Childbook Illustrations to anyone looking to publish a children’s book for excellent work at a reasonable price.
Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, Editing, Paperback Publishing, e-book Publishing & Website.

Author Name :  Charles Griffin


Book Title : Derrick’s Daily Adventure :

Author Review :First of all working with Sean, Richa and the staff –they are absolutely great! In sense of guiding you through the whole process, professional and trust-worthy!
I would definitely recommend them~!
Author of ” Derrick’s daily adventure”

Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, Editing, Paperback Publishing, e-book Publishing & Website.

Author Name :  Alice Lee


Author Review :I have been very happy with the illustrations that Richa has done for both books. This is the second book with childbook illustrations.

Services Purchased: Illustrations.

Author Name :John Lofquist

Latest Books Under Making

This is the list of books which are being illustrated/published right now. We have selected one illustration from each of the books and mentioned the dates on which the project has started. As we start a new book, we make sure that we put it here. The title of the book is not mentioned at this stage.


Author Name : Paul E. Garcia:

Date of Starting :1 Aug


Author Name : Patricia Stovall:

Date of Starting :30 July


Author Name : JW Lawson:

Date of Starting :16 July


Author Name : Beth Carter:

Date of Starting :10 July


Author Name : Patricia Petrone:

Date of Starting :5 July


Author Name : Robin Martin:

Date of Starting :25 June

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