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Style 5

This style of illustration by our children’s book artist is done in digital illustration style and some of the illustrations have a black outline and some don’t have a black outline. The colors used in these illustrations are bright to give it a lively feeling. The characters are expressive and they have clear facial expressions which complements the actions in which they are involved. The use of background in the illustrations is moderate and natural elements in the background have been used to enhance the outcome of the illustration. Use of background by our children’s book artist completely depends upon the scene requirement and some scenes require to put the focus on the scene where as some scenes demand a background view as well. The digital illustration is suitable for human characters as well as animal characters. These illustrations find a lot of importance in stories based on fun, adventure, humour etc. The coloring is added after the sketching is complete and the sketching is done manually and an changes are carried out at this stage and it is also decided which all colors should be used. In this style, usually bright colors are used to make the illustrations more lively and dynamic. This illustration style is done in the Adobe Photoshop software by our children’s book artist. The expressions given in the face of characters are not very loud, although the facial expressions are very clear but not loud.

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