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Style 8

This style of illustration from Kids books is a very special digital illustration style. The sketching is done manually and then it is scanned and the coloring is done in adobe Photoshop. Some special features are used to give it a very distinguished appearance and the characters are perfectly created with their rich expressions. The characters are slightly semi realistic and can be made realistic also if the scene demands it. But it is best to keep the characters a little semi realistic in appearance. A good use of the background is done in this digital illustration styles and elements from nature give a very good background support. There is a general color tone present throughout the illustration and this is what distinguishes this digital illustration styles from the rest of illustration styles.
All the characters are very expressive and have a body language suggesting their moods and that is the reason , the characters demand a lot of attention while they are created. These digital illustrations are used in children books and magazines for children and are also a great stuff for creating cover illustrations for children books as well as other books.

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