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Style 4

This style of illustration of the kids book illustration is done in soft water color and has realistic characters. The illustrations done by our famous children’s book illustrator have real life characters and a great choice for the books which has its main characters from real life. For example, many Author’s prefer to use main characters who are known to them and at times family members also. The use of background is limited because the main focus of the illustration is the character and the action in which the character is involved. The expressions play a very important part in the final look. Every feature of the character like the eye color, body type, height, complexion is taken into consideration by our famous children’s book illustrator while making the characters. The age must come exactly as mentioned in the script. Although the character is from the real life but the actions or the plot of the story can be imaginary and illustrations can be made accordingly. This style is very suitable for all kind of children books which is based on some real life events or if someone wants to gift a memory of a life time to a loved one. The colors used by our famous children’s book illustrator are very soft to the eyes and the viewer can keep looking at them for a long time. It can really refresh old memories of a lifetime.

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