Here Is Why Children Should Be Given Illustrated Story Books to Read

A good story book is a perfect amalgamation of words with pictures rather than a book full of words. For young readers, it is very important that the story book they are reading is not just interesting but it also stimulates their imagination and they are able to well visualize the story. Kids begin to learn about the world they live in through images. Words are not enough for the little minds to comprehend it all, this is where the colorful beautiful illustrations come in. They are not just highly engaging but also quite self-explanatory.  Don’t get confused with Illustrations and painting. The two are quite different form of art in terms of technique, skill and creativity.

The kids cannot fully understand the story just by words like most adults do but the illustrations help with the purpose here. They simplify the text and kids are able to relate that text with the pictures, objects, expressions and other shapes drawn there. And when they relate illustrations to the story text, they also help in developing vocabulary in the young readers. The purpose of the picture is not just to explain the text perfectly. But also make reading more enjoyable for the kids.

Reading as storybook with pictures develops an imaginative power in the young readers. This means the child will be the one in charge of interpreting the message that is conveyed by the picture. This encourages their mind to explore new ideas as they take on details from the first page before they move on to the next.

In story with only text, the characters are only names and nothing beyond that. Kids relate to the characters better when they see it illustrated in color and expressions. Those characters now come to life for them and it stays in their memory forever.

Kids also learn to appreciate art at a younger age, which would in turn open up their creativity and sensitivity towards the world.

Picture books help the young readers to develop a sense of awareness about a lot of subjects like friendship, social values, family bonding, moral values and so many others.

Reading a nicely illustrated picture book can be really addictive. A great story may not necessarily engage a child but good, colorful, lively illustrations surely will grab his attention. And inculcating this habit of reading books at a young age will definitely go a long way. It will also improve his comprehension skills and would give him an advantage to excel in academics.

For toddlers who are about to learn new things, illustrations are a good way to introduce them to new colors, vegetables, fruits and other objects.

There are many picture books which are interactive and have ways in which kids can participate in them. Like kids can have fun in coloring books, they can exercise their brains in maze and puzzle solving books. The key here is to have expressive characters, colorful objects and engaging backgrounds.

The illustrated story books offer a great opportunity for bonding. It motivates the kids to read, improves their visual thinking ability, improves their vocabulary, inculcates social values in them, makes them more self-confident as they become less dependent on their parents to understand the text and they learn to appreciate art and literature early.