Is It Worth Having An Authors Website?

Many authors who are still old school feel intimidated by the very thought of having a personal website. Their apprehension is valid as it’s not easy to maintain a website where a hell lot of coding takes place and changing anything requires the help of a professional website developer.

The very thought of managing all this can scare even the Batman from the 1950’s. But the scared lot is not only the old school authors, but even the current lot of authors does not feel very comfortable with the idea of managing own website. One may ask, why does an author need to do anything else, other than writing? Well, its true, especially if you have a publisher who is taking care of the book distribution and book promotion. But if you are considering self publishing, you should know that you are the crew as well as the captain of your ship.

Things like a reliable self publishing agency and book promotion agency can act as added features in the Captain’s cabin to operate the ship and be able to take the ship to the destination safely and successfully. Apart from the services like the cover, layout and self publishing, the one thing that sets your book apart is an effective strategy for book promotion.

An authors website is the most important area of any book promotion. Not only does an authors website provide an online presence to the author, but it also works as a very effective medium in selling books directly. The author can connect with a huge audience on his/her own website and answer the queries of his/her admirers through various articles and blogs. Not only that, you can easily use your social media accounts and inform everyone the single link on your website from where they can purchase the book.

One may point out, the book can still be purchased through Amazon or other online book store, so why through own website? My answer to this question is simple, when you invite your guests to dinner, you may take them out to a near by restaurant, then why call him to your house and serve home cooked food? Simply, because people want to know their favourite authors personally.

With the improvement in technology, it has become very simple to operate own website without knowing anything about the complex coding and other technicalities. We have some very easy and simple agencies like the who are helping hundreds of authors every year to have a personalized website and they even teach the authors to maintain own websites in an effortless manner.

In the end, i would like to say, having or not having a website is a personal choice, but connecting with your followers is not your choice, you have to do it as your followers have the right to know you better and personalizing that experience is like “icing on the cake”