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Style 2

This style of illustration for children books is a very unique style and is also called the 3-d style of illustration. The characters are designed in such a manner that they look as three dimensional. Usually all the kids book illustrations which you see are two dimensional or 2-d but the difference with this kind of illustration is that all the objects and the characters have a unique presence in the illustration. The characters are designed separately from the illustration and is immersed in the illustration and it seems that the characters are emerging put of the screen that is how real they look. All the objects which are created in this style give an appearance as if they have their own space in the illustration. It’s a very unique style of kids book illustration for any children book artist and learning this style takes a lot of time. This style is used for high end story books which relies heavily on the illustrations. The colors used are a mix of light colors to bright colors depending upon the object in question and the use of background is also dependent upon the need of the scene.
This style of kids book illustration is a very deliberate style and takes a lot of effort from the illustrator to finish it but the final outcome is very eye catching and worth the effort.

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