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Style 7

This style of illustration for picture books for children is made in water color (hand painted style). This style is colored after the sketch is completed. There is an extensive use of background by our kids book illustrator in this style of illustration and these illustrations define a complete scene from the story. All kind of scenes ranging from humorous to serious scenes can be easily created in this style and this style is really suitable for all kind of children story books because of its suitability in many kind of stories. The colors used by our kids book illustrator are bright and background includes elements from the nature. The characters drawn are real characters and the style is a realistic style of illustration. The expressions also look very real depending upon the scene in picture. The scenes are really detailed and all aspects of illustration are captured very well. Its a style which every kids book illustrator wants to learn because this style speaks for the story. Authors of children’s book prefer this style of illustration.

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