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Style 13

This style of kids picture book is done in the digital illustration medium and it makes use of whimsical characters or semi realistic characters. The colors used are bright and facial expressions on the faces of the characters are not very loud, they are just sufficient to convey the general mood of the scene. Such illustrations are good choice for text books and other children books. The use of background is done in detail and most of the objects in the background are indoor elements and the finishing of the objects is done in detail. The anatomy of the characters is done as per the age of the character and every minor aspect is considered while sketching the characters. The coloring is done after the sketch is done on paper. The same sketch is scanned and then color is added to the sketch in software. This style of illustration can make the children book design even more attractive. We can use all kinds of characters under this style of illustration including humans as well as animals.

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