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Style 11

This style of illustration for kids picture books is done in hand painting using water color and a bit of shading with pencil colors. The expressions given in these illustrations by our local children book illustrator are very real and thus making the scenes very real like. The setting in the scenes is generally real life instances like two persona talking or a conversation between son and a mother. The background use depends upon the scene and there may be very detailed or very less background. More background adds more reality to the illustration. These kinds of illustrations designed by our local children book illustrator are very popular for picture books and also for books with a message like anti-bullying, anti-ragging, any real life experience usually based around the life of young teens above 8 years. The colors used are bright colors and the overall appearance of these illustrations are sharp. These illustrations are more suitable for human characters as compared to animal illustrations and the sense are generally more based on real life events, common scenes which we come across in day to day life.

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