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Style 1

This is a classic illustration style of the picture book illustrations,created with water color. The overall illustration is very soft and the characters as well as the background come out beautifully. This style of picture book illustration is suitable for all ages of children and all genres of children books. The characters in this picture book illustration style are both realistic as well as semi realistic and the expressions given to the characters are not very loud, yet clear. This style of picture book illustrations makes good use of background details and the background objects like trees and other natural objects come out beautifully. The colors used are soft and light and yet the illustrations appear very clear to look at. Animals as well as human characters come out beautifully in this special picture book illustration style. Many books done in this style are nominated for best picture book illustrator award. This style is really loved by children as well as adults because of the beauty captured by the use of special technique of water color. Out of our many styles this particular style of children’s book illustration has captured the attention of many authors and readers. We have received huge appreciation for this particular picture book illustration style.

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