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Style 10

The style 10 of the picture book illustration is a very cute style in which the characters are animated and cartoon type and the expressions are very full of life. This style of illustration is suitable for all children books and the characters in such illustrations are usually animals. Our picture book illustrator chosen this style from a jungle series in which various animals are on a jungle adventure and encounter various situations and do various activities like laughing, learning, dancing etc. This style of picture book illustrations can have detailed background also, but in the examples shown here, the use of background is limited because the focus was on the animal characters and their expressions. The colors used are bright and full of life and the reason is that kids love such colors and also love such expressions. This styles usually preferred for series books based on adventure or outdoor activities where there is a lot to explore by the characters involved in the story. The characters are cartoonist in show because such expressions suit animated characters more than the real characters. There are other styles in our portfolio which suits the realistic characters. This style of illustration is done by our picture book illustrator on Adobe Photoshop and can also be done in other digital illustration software.

Why is a picture book illustrator needed

Picture books are the essential part of every child’s grooming. Every kid has a number of Children’s book around him/her. What makes the children’s book so important? It is the ability of these books to transfer the learning effortlessly through pictures which the child is easily able to grasp. If we try teaching the child through words of the book, it will be next to impossible. the Chinese saying is very apt here that “A picture is equal to a thousand words”. Every Children’s book author needs to have a great picture book illustrator so that the story is justified with the help of illustrations and the reader, who happens to be a kid/infant/young adult, is able to enjoy the story and able to grasp the learning from the story. In order to choose a good illustrator, the author needs to find a good illustrator agency. Childbook illustrations are one of the pioneers in the field with multiple experienced picture book illustrators who are highly professional and easy to work with.

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