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Style 15

This style of illustration is a classic illustration style done digitally. This style is truly a legendary style and is used in a variety of children book’s as well as other story books including educational books. The illustrations are done with bright colors and characters are created with exceptional details. The expressions are very important and this style usually accommodates many characters in one illustration. The scenes are created from close up as well as from far distance in order to give realism to the story.

Many Authors’s who write stories from a historical era prefer those styles of illustration. The use of background of done extensively and the scenes are very detailed. Most of the illustrations are done by our popular kids book illustrator is with outdoor settings and some close up scenes is with indoor setting. The illustrations are more suitable with human characters and with a story which has historical setting in it. Animals can also be created in this style of illustration.

The expressions are very important in this style of illustration and that is the reason, the characters are so expressive. The whole scene can be understood with the expressions itself. It is a unique style of illustration and is really classical style of illustration.

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