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Stage 3

If your manuscript is complete and wondering how to find the illustrator and self publisher.

Finding the illustrator:- Looking for an illustrator can be a very challenging task and finding the right one is even more challenging. To start with , you must look for various illustration styles and then choose the one which you feel is a good choice for your book. After choosing the illustrator, you should get contract signed and put all relevant terms and conditions including the payment terms and deadline for the project.

In order to make this process smooth, we have a portfolio with more than 15 different illustration styles and we will also send you a contract copy(free of cost). We also have a catalogue of illustrations, in which we have samples based on the concepts, like realistic illustrations, semi –realistic illustrations , whimsical illustrations etc. The catalogue is to give you a further idea about concept based illustrations for your book.
A) Portfolio

B) Catalogue

Finding the Self publisher:- Once the illustrator is finalized, you can simultaneously also start planning about the self publishing of the book. After the illustrations, you will need the book designing where all the layout and formatting of images, text and inside pages will be done.
Book Layout

After the book designing is complete, the book can self published on the Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Baler
&Taylor etc. The E-book version will also be created and will be Published on Kindle (It can be read
directly on the smartphone, ipad etc.
Self Publishing

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