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Stage 4

If you have got the illustrations and want to know, how to get the book design/Layout and print of the book, then you will need to go through the following steps.

Book design:- After the illustrations are complete, you will need someone who can put everything in the
form of a book and which can be printed in the form of a book. This whole process is called Book
and it consists of three parts.
A) Book cover
B) Inside Book design/Layout

You will need to submit us the following
1) High resolution illustrations(300 DPI)
2) Manuscript( Complete)
3) Author’s information
4) Dedication page Text
5) ISBN Number (You can get it from us)
6) Barcode (You can get it from us)
7) Other details as required by us

You will be given multiple options for book designs to choose from, you can confirm your
preferred style for book cover, inside design and layout.

We will give you a PDF copy of final book design for proof reading and inn case of changes, they
will be carried out without any hassles.

Printing of the Book:- The books may be printed at any printer of your convenience because we will give you print ready files. You will also have the option of using the Amazon.com as your printer, and this will be print on demand, thus no need to maintain any inventory. You may drop us an email in case you want to know more about the various printing options , childbookillustrations@gmail.com

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