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Stage 5

If the Manuscript, illustrations and book designing is complete and you are only looking for affordable self publishing option then we can offer you with two types of self publishing options.

Self publishing:- After the book design is complete the book can be put for sale and also printed. In a way you can easily say that the book has already been self published during the book design process itself. Given that the ISBN and the Barcode was provided by the Author. Now the important part is the selling of the books. For that an Author needs a platform from where readers can come and purchase the book. Door to door marketing and meetings in school, library, community gatherings etc is also a way but in today’s world, you will need to make use of the available technology. There are two possible ways to do that.

A) Print publishing:- Under this type of publishing , the book is Self published on platforms like
Amazon.com, Barnes &Noble, Baker &Taylor etc. The reader will directly order your books from
these websites and he/she will get the hardcopy of your book. Every book sold results in a profit
to the Author and a little portion goes as a royalty to these companies. Click to know more
about our publishing options.

B) E-book Publishing:- Today’s readers are changing and they want everything quick and easy. E-
book is emerging as a huge opportunity for Author’s. The e-book is directly downloaded on the
mobile phone, computer, tablet, I pad etc and the reader can read it on the device itself. There
are various formats of E-books and we offer all the formats. Click to see more about e-book

We will create an account for you on Amazon.com and you will be able to fix the price of the
book as well as discuss the royalty terms with Amazon yourself. You will also be able to choose
Amazon as your preferred printer.

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