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Stage 6

If you are Already self published or about to be self published and want effective promotion for the book, then we have many services to offer which can provide much needed promotion to your book.


Author’s Website- For Exclusive book and Author promotion.

An exclusive Author’s website where the website will be created under the following heads.
a) Home Page
b) About Author Page
c) Books You’ve Written
d) Book Shop
e) Blog
f) Contact Information


Online Marketing

To make an impact in the mind of readers and make the book reach million of readers, we provide effective online marketing for your book.

1) Search Engine Promotion
2) Facebook ,Google+ and Twitter Promotion
3) Communities Networking
4) Press Release
5) Article Writing
6) Blogs


Online Promotion SEO

Search Engine optimization is the technique through which you website will come on top of search
engines like Google, yahoo and Bing when a keyword relevant to your website content is searched.
For Example, You have written a Children Book called the “Adventure in the jungle”. You create a
website and put the information there. When anyone will search with a keyword “children book of
adventure” or “children book story” etc, then the link of your website will be shown on the top of
search. This is how we optimize your website on the search Engines.


Social Media Optimization (SMO) can be defined as the science and art of getting free targeted
traffic to your website from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ or other social media
networks through various social activities like blogging, posting status updates on social media
profiles, participation in discussion groups, social bookmarking, virals, online reputation
management, user rating/polling, user feedback, RSS feeds, sharing buttons, use of video/photo
sharing sites and many more Community networking,press release,article writing & blogs

These activities are carried out in order to spread more awareness about the Author and the Book which
has been written. These activities are the need of the day and when done properly, it also brings
excellent results in creating greater awareness among the potential readers.

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