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Style 3

This style of illustration is done in water color and the colors used are mixed ranging from light color to some bright colors. The characters in the illustration are semi realistic or cartoonist and not real. This kind of illustration is more suitable to stories with more fun element and a lot of action taking place. These story book illustrations are well complemented with a good use of background which gives these illustrations an additional depth. Background elements include items from nature as well as man made items. The expressions used in these illustrations are very important because these are action based illustrations and for a children book illustrator like me, it’s very important to convert the fun element in the story into illustrations which convey the same message through my illustrations. These story book illustrations are equally good for human characters as well as animal characters as the expressions are important here. There are many books done in this style where the characters become very popular among the kids. The children really love this illustration style.

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