Why childbook illustrations is the best place for your children book illustrations

Childbook illustrations offers exclusive children book illustrations and book design service to children’s book authors. We offer multiple illustration styles and the author can choose any style. There are many other agencies which offer illustrations service but what differentiates us from the rest is our commitment to bring the best quality of illustrations which can actually complement the story and ultimately help the author in getting an excellent finished book.
1) Experience- With an experience of over 150 books already illustrated, we understand the needs of the author very well. We have worked with first time authors as well as published authors and so, we are the right choice for all authors.

2) Time line commitment- We believe in delivering the illustrations and we will give you a tentative deadline before starting the work. We make sure that everything is finished in that time frame because we are aware that after the illustrations, the author needs the layout and publishing of the book.

3) Multiple styles of illustration- We offer more than 15 different styles of illustration and each style is very unique. The author has the option of choosing any illustration style and we will do the story in that particular style. Our styles include digital illustrations as well as the manual style of illustration. Our portfolio section is one of the best portfolios offered by any agency.

4) End to end services- Once the illustrations are complete, we will also do the book layout as well as the self publishing. We understand the difficulties faced by the author and thus we provide a platform from where all services can be used easily.

5) Affordable pricing- If you have done the analysis, you already know the price of getting a children’s book illustrated. But with us, you get the illustrations only at $69 per illustration. No one else in the industry is offering such pricing. We are also the most trusted agency in children’s book industry.