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Children Book Illustration

Children’s book illustration is the most important aspect of any children’s book. When an author completes writing the Children’s story book , the first thing needed is the illustration. The route to selecting the correct children book illustration style is not easy. Two major illustration styles are Hand painted children’s book illustrations and the digitally created children’s book illustrations. Under these two major categories, there can be hundreds of styles depending on the style of the book illustrator. Every children’s book illustrator is different and all of them have a unique style.
There are many children’s book illustrators . All of them have their own style and when an author starts looking for a suitable children book illustration style, he or she might get very confused. The best way is to choose a few styles which will go well with the story. It might include talking to a few children book illustrators in the beginning. Once the process starts, the idea should be to choose the best illustration style for the book. It is a good idea to get a paid sample illustration from a few children book illustrators. It will help the author in selecting the suitable illustrator.
One thing that must be understood is that the illustrations should convey the story flawlessly and in an entertaining manner. The target audience here happens to be very young kids who often don’t even read the story or cannot read the story as they are too young. As an author, you have to accept the fact that the book will not be a success unless you get the right children’s book illustrations for the book. The journey of hiring the illustrator is not easy, it begins at selecting a few potential candidates and then finalizing the most suitable one. There are two aspects which must be kept in mind , one is the creative capability of the children book illustrator and other is the willingness to adhere to the terms and conditions laid out in the contract. There are many examples where a book illustration had to be terminated based on contract grounds even with highly talented illustrators. Author is the major investor here who in a way is making all the investments in order to get the book out in the market. So, it must be seen as a proper project where all the aspects are managed properly.