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Style 12

This Style of illustration designed by our illustrator for hire for children books is a very unique style and not many kids book illustrator are able to do this primarily because these illustrations appear to be 3-Dimensional or 3-D. Whereas most of the illustrations are two dimensional where the characters appear to be a part of the flat scene, this illustration is a very different one. All the characters created in this style are semi realistic but realistic characters can also be created if the scene demands. when you want to get an illustrator for hire for this kind of style, you need to make sure that the illustrator is comfortable in making the illustration style. Keeping the characters as semi realistic is more helpful for such illustrations as they add a certain level of fun. These illustrations are very lively and the use of color is also done in such a way that it appears to be bright. This style of illustration is good for human characters as well as animal characters because it is made in such a manner that all the characters look very attractive. The use of background is dine with natural objects like the sky, grass, trees in the far distance and other objects like the house or building can also be done to give it a complete look. The characters used by our illustrator for hire in this style are made to be very expressive and their expressions can be read by the viewer. Kids love such illustrations and these illustrations look very good in the form of E-books as well as the printed books.

Hire an illustrator for Children’s book

When authors are looking to hire an illustrator for their book/Children’s book, they must keep in mind that a proper contract has been signed and important points are present in the agreement/contract. Illustrator for hire in itself means that the author is hiring the services of the illustrator and after the engagement or business is over, the author will be the owner of the copyright of the artwork/illustrations. The problem arises when the agreement/contract is not signed or the important clause is missing from it. The other important points which must be covered are payment terms, delivery terms and also that the illustrator will complete the work in a particular time frame. These points may sound very general in nature but these are the biggest pain areas while dealing with an illustrator or any agency. Always choose a reliable agency which has a good track record and its better to choose an agency over an independent illustrator as the agencies will take the agreement more seriously. Some of the good agencies are Kidman Publishing, Childbook illustrations.

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