Children Book Illustration Styles

Every children book illustrator has a different illustrations style and as an Author it is very important to know which style would suit his/her story in the best manner. You can see various styles on the internet or just go to a library and find out some children’s books and you will get a fair idea about many styles. There are many illustrators and each one of them have a different illustration style and before you finalize any illustrator, you must be aware about the style which you want for your book.

There are illustrators who can give you many styles or have a great degree of variations in their illustration styles, it’s a good thing to have because you can ask the same person to show you a few samples and also ask him/her to make suitable changes. Once you are able to finalize the suitable children book illustration style, you should feel that a major task has been accomplished. Next task is to find the right illustrator who can create the illustrations in that style or matching style. At times, it’s good to give the illustrator a free hand , he/she can come up with something very creative.

Once the artwork is submitted to your for review, you must share it with some other illustrators, Authors and other experts to get a feedback. Choosing a good illustrator is very important. The illustrator is like a partner in your project and the two of you must be on the same frequency throughout the book project.

One must understand that illustration style plays a major part in the success of the children book because the illustrations actually speak for the text and in many cases, the text in children book is very limited and the maximum talking is done through the pictures and the pictures must convey the idea of the text. Also, it’s better to remember that the readers are the kids who actually care about the pictures.

To see a suitable style, you may check out many websites like or, where you can really get some very good children book illustrations styles and you get a lot of choices to choose from.