How to Self Publish A Children’s Book

If you have written a children’s book and you want to self publish it then the whole process may sound a bit difficult but with correct choices, you can make the whole process appear very easy. You must know the correct approach.

You must know that once you have decided to self publish, you are the captain of the boat and your abilities will directly influence the success of the book. In the traditional publishing approach, everything is controlled by the publisher but since you are the publisher here, you will be in control of everything.

There are broadly five to six categories which are important for self publishing any children’s book and you must know them. It starts with illustrations moves to cover design and then comes the book layout followed by the self publishing. You can also decide to do the book promotion which is very important. You can do the promotion by yourself or promote the book online. Both are very effective instruments needed for the book to become successful.

Let’s go one by one. Once the story is complete, you need to put everything in pictorial form and these pictures are called illustrations. Why are they needed? The answer is simple, because the kids are more interested in pictures. How to find an illustrator? This answer may not be as simple. You need to search the illustrators on the internet and see their styles. Once you have decided which style of illustration will suit your story, contact the illustrator. Agencies like the offer multiple illustration styles with many illustrators. You may want to contact such agencies.

After the illustrations are complete you will also need to get the complete designing done by the illustrator/designer. This process will make everything ready in the form of a book. It is very important to have an outstanding cover of the book as well as beautifully layout out of the inside pages. There are many formats which can be selected for the designing and the same illustrator /designer should be able to fulfill this requirement as well.

Self publishing is the next stage and now its time for you to decide the distribution channels on which you want to put your book for sale. You may use Amazon, Ingram, Barnes and Noble etc or you may also decide to simply print the book and sell yourself. This will depend upon your requirement and plan.
After the self publishing is done, you would like to promote the book and there are two ways in which you can do this. One is by promoting the book yourself in your family, friends, social circle, schools and libraries. The other way is to promote it online. The online promotion is more useful if your book is available for sale on online stores like that of Amazon and kindle etc.

In the end, self publishing a children’s book is just like any big project which can give great results if the execution goes well because the future belongs to self publishing.